Report from ANA Membership Assembly 2017

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1. VISNA Representatives visit Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett of the V.I. and Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo of Guam.

With Stacey Plaskett With Madeleine Bordallo

Bills presented for co-sponsorship as supported by ANA were:


2. New ANA Board elected for 2018

Returning ANA Vice President is Ernest Grant of North Carolina

With Ernest Grant


3. VISNA representatives with ANA President Pam Cipriano

With Pam Cipriano


4. VISNA President Charlene Jones asked for the support of the Membership Assembly to have the Medicare cap lifted for the USVI

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5. VISNA shares in Nightingale Tribute 2017

Magnolia Simpson, 2016
Florine Diaz, 2017
Rita Phillips, 2016
Wisteria Krigger, 2017
Berecia Reed, 2017
Ellen Emanuel, 2016
Lynette Sylvester, 2016


6. Bylaw Amendments passed at Membership Assembly 2017

  1. The 2018 Membership Assembly representatives will be increased to 200 persons. (This does not impact the number of representatives from VISNA).
  2. Qualifications for membership in ANA as a Constituent/State Nurses Association (will be distributed and reviewed at the October biennial convention.
  3. Allow C/SNAs to have in-state only members who are non-RNs. The C/SNA will not pay dues or a portion of dues to ANA for these members who will not be joint ANA members.
  4. Increased authority for the Membership Assembly as the highest governing and voting body of ANA
    1. Create policy and positions that support the purposes of ANA
    2. Establish rules of procedure for meetings of the Membership Assembly
    3. Advance the development and promulgation of nursing standards and code of ethics
    4. At the discretion of the ANA Board of Directors, a special meeting may be convened by means other than a face-to-face meeting, including electronic means.
    5. The term of office for all elective offices shall begin no later than thirty (30) days after the election or on July 1 whichever comes earlier.
    6. The Committee on Bylaws shall receive proposed amendments at least 120 days prior to an annual meeting of the Membership Assembly.
  5. The ANA Committee on Bylaws shall receive amended Bylaws from the C/SNAs and IMD within two (2) years of amendment to or revision of the ANA Bylaws that being the C/SNA Bylaws into conformity with the ANA Bylaws. After a review, a report of the committee’s findings will be submitted to the ANA Board of Directors.
  6. Amendments with Notice shall be received by the Committee on Bylaws at least 135 days prior to an annual meeting of the Membership Assembly. The Committee shall define a schedule that provides adequate time to review, publish and receive field comments on submitted proposed amendments.